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Welcome to avecinia wellness center!

Welcome!  Are you  looking for some answers about a health concern or some symptoms you have (if you have an immediate emergency, please call 911!  If you would like to see a doctor or physician assistant or nurse practitioner asap, call us at 559-324-9900 and ask if we can see you today or use this link: Same Day Sick Appointment Request!)? Did a friend refer you because you are looking for  the best doctor in Clovis or Fresno? Or are you wondering what’s the best place to get Botox® , or do something about those wrinkles, or how you can treat acne in Fresno or Clovis? Or are you curious about whether acupuncture or massage could help your lower back pain?  Well, look no further because you’ve come to the right place!  avecinia wellness center is your partner in optimal well-being! We combined primary care, aesthetics/skin care and alternative healing therapies (such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, massage and bio-feedback) so we can treat you as a whole person and not just a disease!  And our results speak for themselves:

Our Results 
Chronic Condition Our Patients Recommended
Diabetes/ Hemoglobin A1C 54% of our patients 6.6% Less than 7%
Hypertension 80% under 140/90  140/90
 Breast Cancer Screening 71%  19%

You can use this page to  learn more about our services, see why people trust us, see our prices, and when you’re ready to make an appointment for a medical, skin care or alternative therapy services, call us at 559-324-9900 or send us a request and get directions!

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Want to know more about our services?

Not sure how we may be able to help you?  Click on a picture below to visit one of our “service” pages to see the wide variety of integrated services we offer that can help address your health concern/symptom:

primary care with compassion at avecinia

Primary Care

botox, juvederm, obagi, medical spa and skin care in fresno

Aesthetics/Skin Care

Medical Acupuncture in Fresno



Weight Loss Clinic in Fresno

Weight Loss

hormone replacement, diabetes care, cholesterol management in fresno

Health Management

See why other’s trust our doctors and staff:

Still not sure if we are the right primary care, aesthetics or alternative medicine provider for you?  Check out why other people just like you trust us with their health and well-being

See how affordable our medical, aesthetic and alternative services are:

Don’t have insurance or wondering how much one of our services costs?  Visit our price page to see how affordable our services can be! Remember, your good health is your greatest wealth!

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Clovis: 2006 Shaw Avenue, Clovis, CA 93611



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